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Top Electronic Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season #HolidayGiftGuide

Top Electronic Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season #HolidayGiftGuide via www.productreviewmom.com
Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

With the holidays fast approaching, families are looking for the best deals in gifts.  Device manufacturers know this, and have released several new items to the market, in preparation for the coming shopping season.  It is vital to look now, since having an idea of what things cost before the sales will help you gauge if you are getting the best deal for your money.  Here are a few of the items that are worth the money.



A good, cheap laptop is necessary for any family in the twenty-first century. Google has spent the last several years working to perfect their net-centered operating system, giving users the ability to do everything they need both online and off, all without sacrificing style or security.

There are several excellent models available. Here are two that are particularly promising:

     HP Chromebook 14 - The base model can last 13 hours
     Dell Chromebook 11 - It charges by USB, perfect for travelers and college students!
     ACER Chromebook C720 - Long lasting and the cheapest on the list



Tablets are no longer underpowered media consumption devices. You are now able to use them to do everything from creating works of art to handling a doctoral thesis. Numerous writers around the world swear by the handy gadget, for when they are coupled with a keyboard they become excellent typing tools.

     Apple iPad Air - The trendsetter for the platform. Perfect for those in the Apple ecosystem.
     Apple iPad Mini Retina - The younger and smaller sibling to the iPad
     Google Nexus 10 - For those who love Android, this tablet packs many features into a small, and relatively cheap, body.
     Microsoft Surface 2 - This tablet comes with a feature-limited version of Microsoft Office, designed to work best in the home or classroom.
     Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - For those that need a whole computer, without the permanently attached keyboard. These tablets come equipped with the newest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.1.


Cell phones

Cell phones have become an easily replaceable device, thanks to dropping costs and more favorable sales agreements with major carriers. Here are some of the most popular phones available today:

     iPhone 6 - Slightly bigger than the iPhone 5s, it comes equipped with the latest in mobile technology.
     iPhone 6 Plus - A bigger version of the iPhone 6, this is the first true ‘phablet’ that Apple has released. Just do not stick it in your back pocket!
     Samsung Galaxy S5 - Highly reviewed and available now!
     Galaxy Note 4 - A phablet that has won the hearts of mobile professionals and casual user. It is available in a variety of options that fit nearly all budgets and tastes.


Windows Laptops

Even with the rough economy decimating the technology market, computer manufactures have not stopped improving their wares. The newest laptops available are typically lighter, more powerful, and cheaper than their predecessors are. Influenced by both Apple and Google, these laptops try to straddle the line between having enough power to get the job done, and still looking good while they do it. Here are some of the laptops available this holiday season.

     Lenovo Thinkpad X240 - Exceptional battery life and a trusted name brand does this laptop justice.
     HP Spectre 13t - A stylish ultrabook with decent battery life and a unique trackpad designed to accommodate the new features available in Windows 8.1. It starts out at $1,000.
     Acer Aspire E1-510P - A good value for a 15-inch touchscreen laptop. At $450, this beauty is sure to amaze without breaking the bank.
     Dell XPS 15 - The screen sets this baby apart. Featuring the latest technology, this fifteen-inch laptop comes equipped with an impressive 3200x1800-pixel resolution and an amazing nine-hour battery life.

This holiday season is filled with good deals that are sure to please your family without breaking the bank. As we get closer to the holidays, sales will crop up enabling you to save even more! Bookmark these links and rest assured you will be able to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.


What is your favorite electronics this year?

Disclosure- Post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, meaning I earn a few coins if you click and make a purchase


  1. I get so overwhelmed when it comes to holiday deals.This list is very helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh goodness, I am not sure if we will get electronics this year. Last year Santa got the girls a tablet and I just want to throw it but I would like the girls to get an IPAD.. oh geez the fighting that will happen.

    1. My daughters gotten tablets last year and my youngest already broke hers. I'm going to give her another chance and this time get her a Nintendo 3DS since my oldest daughter just got one for her birthday.

  3. Tablets are a really great present for people of all ages. Luckily most of the are not too expensive these days.

  4. I am an apple fan girl, but even I want the Surface! Just saying!

    1. I would love to have a Surface too!

  5. I think between my fiancé and I we have a few of those! Lol. Great list! I love my IPad Air!

    1. You too got all the electronic goodies!

  6. Replies
    1. Me too! I want something small that I can travel with.