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Important Items Needed in Kids’ Backpacks

 Important Items Needed in Kids’ Backpacks- #backtoschool via www.Productreviewmom.com
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Today’s kids have become smarter than ever. Even at the tender age of just 4 years they go off to school with their tiny fanciful bags dangling behind them and their water bottles in front. Although they do not have to carry anything else other than their lunch boxes and napkins, there are a few important items needed in kids’ backpacks.

However before putting in anything inside the kids’ backpacks, purchase the best ones that are of light-weight and have separate compartments to carry different items. The padded backpacks offer comfort to the child’s back and those with waist belts are the best for the weight gets distributed evenly and not put pressure on a particular part of the body.  The shoulder straps should be wide so that they do not hurt the child and never go for leather backpacks. They look stylish but add extra weight that is not required especially for kids.

Now regarding the important items needed in kids’ backpacks, the first thing to remember is that the items vary according to age. A child of 4 years will carry certain items that a kid of 7 years will not. So it is for the parents especially the moms to decide what to put into their backpacks. Here is a list of the most important items that should always be kept in kids’ backpacks whatever may be the age:

  •     Identity card- The kid’s identity card that contains his name, his parents name, address, contact number and school’s name must accompany him always. This card should never be taken out from his backpack.

  •     Essential items like one or two pencils, paper to write on and first aid items like band-aids must be kept inside for emergency.

  •     For the younger kids, you must never forget his lunch-box and water-bottle and a mat or hand towel. A toddler should also carry a set of clothes too in his/her backpack.

  •     High school kids however should carry a pen and pencil case, note pads and important books that are required in school along with the other essentials like identity cards etc.

  •     A small story book can be put into the backpack for free-time reading and for elders a pocket dictionary is a useful item.

  •     Rain-coats and warm clothes must also be included in the backpacks of kids to beat the rains and cold winds.

When choosing backpacks for the smaller kids, let them select according to their choice. Colorful backpacks add style and boost up their energy to attend school regularly. It is the task of the parents to get the best quality and light-weight backpacks with compartments to organize the different important items needed in kids’ backpacks.

However, the kids must be informed about the items that are being put into their backpacks and the compartments where they are being kept so that they can take out the items when required.

Important Items Needed in Kids’ Backpacks- #Backtoschool #Education via Productreviewmom.com

What other important items are needed in Kids' backpacks? 



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  1. Great advice on backpacks!

  2. Great tips on the back packs!

  3. Identity cards and parent information cards are essential. There are so many children who have not memorized important demographics.

    1. This is very true Reginia and I'm working on my girls to memorize their address and phone numbers.

  4. Now that I have older kids, I'm having a hard time fitting everything into their backpacks! I realize I'm going to have to size their packs up for the remainder of their middle school years!

    1. Yep, time to upgrade those backpacks Amy!

  5. These are great tips for items to place in backpacks!

  6. I'm not here yet. As you know, S is just shy of three (he'll be going to preschool next year) and K is only 10 months.

    But this post made me teary-eyed -- spoken, predictably, by an overprotective mom who has yet to send her kids off to school.

    I'm sure making me shed a tear was NOT the intention of this post. lol

    Anyhow, you've got a lot of great tips here.


    1. OMG Courtney, I still get teary eye every year when my daughters starts a new grade in school. I was definitely boo-hooing when the girls started preschool. I didn't know how they would like it and with them being away with total strangers left me in a total wreck.

  7. I especially like the idea of the identity card. We didn't have those growing up! But, it can solve many different problems.

  8. I've never thought of an Identity card before. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.