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Back to School Health Tips for Kids #BacktoSchool

Back to School Health Tips for Kids #BacktoSchool via www.Productreviewmom.com
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Vacations is the time to catch up on much needed rest and enjoy spending quality time with your family away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

When the time comes to get ready to get back to school, parents need to become alert regarding their health and fitness check-ups. Today everyone is aware of the immunization systems and clear instructions are provided by pediatricians and child health care centers so that every child is immunized against harmful diseases especially before they join school after summer vacation. 

Nowadays, many schools arrange for health check-ups for students including eye, ear and throat. But before this is done parents must show their children some of the basic healthy habits that will keep them to be fit and strong. A child who suffers from sickness does well in his/her studies and excels in other activities as well. A short list of essential health tips will surely help your kids to stay healthy and happy.

1.     Tell them to keep their hands clean by always washing their hands, not only at home but also in school and put in hand-towels or tissues in their backpacks. They can carry hand-sanitizers to clean their hands if there is no running water around. 

Back to School Health Tips for Kids #BacktoSchool via www.Productreviewmom.com

2.     The lunch that you prepare for the kids must be healthy. Take care by preparing foods that contain all the essential elements of a healthy diet. Energy-giving food, calcium, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are required by the body to function properly especially in school-aged kids who drain out all their energy in studies and games. 

3.     Always insist on physical activities instead of just playing video games. Children must play and do exercises to build up their muscles and bones. 

4.     Developing good habits from an early age is very important. Teach kids to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing and to use a Kleenex. 

5.     Before sending the kids to school, it is the duty of the parents to check out the immunization schedule, whether the child has completed all his/her doses of medicines that is needed.

6.     Although learning is important, it is more important to stay healthy. If your child has a fever, do not send them to school. Rest will help them to recover faster and also stop the sickness from spreading among other kids. 

7.     It is best if you pack a lunch for kids. However, if for any reasons that is not possible, teach them to eat healthy food from the cafeteria.

Children that grow up with good healthy habits studies and focuses well, which helps them excel in school.


What are other health tips to keep kids healthy during the school year? 


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  1. These are great tips Louida! Washing hands is so important, so germs aren't spread.

  2. I was just telling this to my husband today... the healthy kid break is over.. school starts tomorrow.. HELLO GERMS!

    1. Yep the germs are coming unfortunately.

  3. After being a classroom teacher for many years, it is so important for parents to teach and emphasize this, particular "washing your hands". With some many people in a confined spaces, germs are amuck. Washing hands with soap and water, versus sanitizer only, helps to keep those germs away.

    1. Great point about hand sanitizer Reginia!