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Beauty Care Tips for A Bride-To-Be

Beauty Care Tips for A Bride-To-Be via ProductReviewMom.com #BeautyCareTips

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Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her wedding day. For that, you need to take good care of your skin and hair, and keep them in perfect state. Here are a few beauty care tips that a bride-to-be should use to look gorgeous on her big day.

Beauty care one month before the wedding


  •            Start giving weekly visits to a reputed beauty salon, which can help in tendering and smoothing your skin, and relaxing your mood during the wedding preparations.

  •                    Start drinking 3 cups of fresh fruit juices everyday, especially the kiwi juice, orange juice and apple juice. These juices will give you a whiter, smoother, glowing skin by your wedding day.

  •                      Start taking care of your hair on a regular basis. Go for deep hair care routine every week. By doing this, you will be able to wear a perfect hair style on your special day.

  •                     Different face masks are required to achieve different purposes. If you have dry skin, pay more attention to water replenishment, and if you have dark skin, you will need a whitening face mask.

  •                   As far as your neck is concerned, use a high nourishing latex to massage your neck everyday for 5 minutes. Doing that for one month will create an elegant neck that will add glamor to your wedding dress.

Beauty care one week before the wedding

  •                     Visit your dresser with your wedding dress, so that he or she can decide which makeup types and colors will be most suitable for you on the wedding day. He or she may prefer trying the makeup on you, so that he or she can modify or improve the make up as per the requirement.

  •                     Depending on the wedding dress and makeup, you may decide to color your hair. If that is needed, you should get it done around one week before the wedding. By the wedding day, your hair will regain moisture and become most beautiful and natural after dying.

  •                      If you have acne or any other skin problem, visit the beauty salon one week before the wedding, and go for an expulsion process of toxin care. This will help in clearing your skin by the day of wedding.

  •                     An intensive skin care session will help your skin get into its most perfect status. This can be the most powerful way of improving your skin. 

Beauty care one day before the wedding


  •                    Get a nail care regimen one day before your wedding. Your nails will not get into bad shape in a single day, and they will look gorgeous on your wedding.

  •                     As there is only one day left for your wedding, you can give a one-hour visit to a beauty salon and go for an alpha hydroxyl acid mask. This will improve your skin texture, and make it more beautiful and glowing.

On the wedding day

  •                      Before putting on makeup, apply an eye mask to remove dropsy and to create an eye makeup that lasts longer.

  •                     Since you will be eating and drinking on your wedding day too, you should select an enduring gloss or lipstick which does not leave lipstick marks on glasses and spoons.

  •                      To give a natural look to your makeup, do not use false eyelashes that are way longer than your natural lashes. Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Wispies are made up of 100% human hair, and they are easy and comfortable to wear too.

Use these beauty care tips during the wedding season, and you will become the most gorgeous bride on your big day.

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Are there any other beauty tips you would like to share?


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  1. I think these tips could be helpful any time of life, not just before a wedding!

  2. I like your eye make-up tip. I don't usually wear any, but I'll have to remember that.

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Awesome tips. I'm going to try the kiwi juice - my skin is NOT glowing lately...

    1. Yes try it out and see what you think.

  4. Oh, this takes me back to my wedding day -- which will be seven years ago next Monday. (Yeah, we're a 07-07-07 couple. <3)

    I started Operation Beautiful Bride-- no joke -- WEEKS leading up to the wedding, which mostly included massages and facials. (Looking back, I don't think those facials did a darn thing.) The best beauty enhancement I ponied up for were professional eyelash extensions that took 3 hours to apply and were $300 bucks...but Worth. Every. Penny. They looked so natural and I didn't even need to wear mascara! They shed like normal lashes, one by one over the course of a week...

    This post is so very useful to brides.


    1. Now that's a date to never forget Courtney and aren't those lucky numbers too?

      I don't do facials at all since my beauty regimen that I do at home works just fine, plus, I don't like people touching my face.

      You know what, my boss's wife has eyelash extensions and she said it is the best investment and it looks really good on her and natural.

  5. Nice tips.. i do not know any brides to be or i would pass this on.. My Bride of 15 years looks just as good as she did when we got married.

  6. I think I might have to try the mask tip (I'm not getting married), but I would like to see what they can do for me. I used to use Queen Helene Green Mud Masque and I liked the results.

    1. I use to use that facial mask, great stuff!

  7. A wedding, and looking good on any day, is a lot of work and takes time. It's good to remember to start getting prepared with enough time!

    1. True Joanna, you must give yourself enough time to prepare.

  8. Kiwi juice, huh. I think I need to try that myself. Who knew?

    1. Yes try it out Robin and see what you think.

  9. Sounds like these would be helpful for bride!

  10. My cousin is getting married towards the end of the year. Am sending this her way for it is never too early....and I am keeping one for myself. I can use these tips bride to be or not =)

  11. Oh my goodness the stress that happens the week before the wedding is insane! Great tips to keep from stressing about hair and skin. No need to worry about a pimple that just happens to pop up on your day with these tips!