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Back to School Fashion Tips

Back to School Fashion Tips #BacktoSchoolTips  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Young people have become extremely style conscious today. Teenagers and adolescents choose their attires for almost all occasions. They are aware of the fashion trends and what cuts and fits are in and keep themselves updated with the changing designs and colors of suits, dresses and tuxedos.

Schools that do not follow any uniform rules, students wear according to their tastes keeping in mind that they are in school and not attending a party. Back-to-school style means transformation and reinvention of designs that you have already used. And so if you are the mom of a teenager boy or girl, offer them with some of the innovative back to school fashion tips to make them look stylish and yet decent.

Although it is important to get high marks and certificates in the high school days, it is equally important for them to look cool and attractive. Fashion is a form of self-expression and young children must learn this art also to develop unique personal style.

Girls’ fashion tips:

For girls, back to school fashion means layering pieces that offer a new dimension to the outfits paired with a pair of jeans. If you are slim and elegant, go for the skinny jeans that are on the top of the fashion shelves. T-shirts and tank tops too look great. But you must choose the appropriate colors that suit your skin tone. But on special occasions in school, a tailored blazer with cropped jeans will give a cool look while keeping you comfortable as well. 

Back to school fashion tips for the warmer months point to the light and comfortable dresses. Floral sundresses are always in and if you want to put on a daring look, try the bold stripes, laces and ruffles. Never expose yourself too much as it is not decent to do so when in school. Pairing your dresses with the appropriate accessories is equally important to look attractive. Silver rings offer an edgy look while a studded wristband and bunch of bangles offer a celebrity appearance especially when you put on sleeveless uppers.  Keep it simple and minimal as that is more elegant and dignified. Choose your bags and satchels that carry unique messages and not the typical ones. It portrays your superb taste.

Boys’ style statement:

Young boys no longer prefer the baggy looks but go for the streamlined and tailored outfits. Bold color polo-style shirt, cargo trousers or chinos give you a handsome look. In winter you can wear the hooded sweaters and knit pullovers and blazers in decent shades that match your shirts. Jeans and tees are a perfect combination to look stylish and smart. Boys should stay light and stylish but their attires must be of the perfect fit so that he can flaunt his muscles. Select your clothes according to your structure and add trendy accessories that make you look outstanding. 

A variety of footwear is available nowadays. But since you are getting ready for school, select those pairs that are comfortable and stylish in looks. Stilettos and cowboy boots are not all the right choice for school-goers.  LOL! 

Do you have any back to school fashion tips to share?


  1. I need a new pair of chucks - nice low options to go with boyfriend jeans. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I need to get myself a new pair of chucks too! With back to school sales going on I hope to find a good deal on them.

  2. I guess it depends on the people and school, but very few people dressed up or had new back to school outfits the first day of school in my high school. Lazy people heh. I was one of the few who obviously wore something thought out in advance.

    1. At my high school, it was the thing to dress to impress for the first day of school. It was like a fashion show, lol!

  3. I remember being a teenager and being soooo concerned about the first day of school fashion!
    And like someone else said, it's time for a new pair of chucks!

    1. First day of school was so important to me to make sure I looked good and rocking the latest style.