My Valentine's Day Disaster! Valentine's Day Disaster
My Date Night Look
Last night made me so irritated that I need to vent about it!  I was looking forward to some nice quality time with my babe without the kids.  But thanks to the restaurant we went to last night they messed all that up for us.  Let me share how my evening went.

Since my family and I have been coped up inside stuck like prisoners at home due to Atlanta's ice storm, we were all looking forward to getting out the house and getting some fresh air.  My daughters were excited to go to their Grandmother's and Marcus and I were excited to be able to finally have some alone time.

While Mr. M went out to work Friday, I did some blogging, got the kids and I ready, and then headed out to take the hour drive to Grandma's.  Traffic was a nightmare and we were stuck in it on two different interstates.  And it never fails that my youngest daughter told me while stuck in traffic she needed to go to the bathroom. UGH!

I found a way to get off at the nearest exit and took her to Wendy's to use their bathroom.  The area me and my daughters were in on Fulton Industrial was a bad area and had me very nervous with all the people hanging out on the streets strung out on drugs and prostitutes!  I couldn't wait to get us out of there!

We made our way out safely and then back into traffic we went. 

We finally made it to my daughter's Grandmother's city after being on the road for an hour 1/2 and stopped at Publix to pick up some groceries for the girls to eat while at Grandma's and get a couple of Valentine's gifts for the girls. 

While standing in the checkout, my oldest daughter Lauren pointed out the Dr. Oz magazine I'm featured in and started flipping through it- that made me excited to know the magazine I'm in is right at the checkout next to Oprah's magazine, makes me feel a bit of a celebrity.  LOL!

We finally made it to Grandma's, I talked to her a bit, and then back on the highway I went.  I thought by then the traffic would've let up but no, I got stuck in more traffic in downtown Atlanta- I guess all the Valentine's Dates were on the road heading to dinner somewhere.

After another hour 1/2 on the road, I finally made it home to wait for Mr. M to get home so we can head out on our dinner date.

It took Mr. M 5 mins to arrive and then back on the road again to head to dinner at Maggiano's. This time we weren't in traffic and made it on time since we had a reservation after 9pm.
Maggiano's Little Italy Menu

The line was out the restaurant's door, so it's great that Mr. M had already called in with our reservation.

We were quickly sat down at our table and Mr. M and I started browsing our menus.  Maggiano's is a Italian restaurant that serves a lot of pasta dishes but I really wasn't in a pasta eating mood since all I did was eat while stuck at home and I know I've gained so weight, I didn't want to add to it.

Mr. M and I decided to do their Meal for Two special that was $70.  Meal comes with any appetizer, flatbread or two side salad, two entrees, one dessert, and two glasses of wine.  My meal choice was Chicken Scaloppine, and Marcus order the Peppercorn-Crusted Sirloin.  For our appetizer, we had a delicious artichoke dip with bread. While we ate that, we sipped on our bubbly Miscato's.

Maggiano's Little Italy Menu Valentine's Day MenuGlass of Wine at Maggiano's Little Italy

We sat waiting for our main entrees for an hour 1/2 (what's up with all this hour 1/2 going on?) and noticed people that were seated after us already were eating their meals.  I was livid!  I been on the road for over two hours just to go to their restaurant and not be served our food, crazy!

I spoke to the waitress asking her why is everyone else around us is served their meals and we're just sitting here waiting for ours?  The waitress quickly went into the kitchen to check on our food and then quickly came back with our entrees.  I looked at her with a stern look on my face and said "You mean to tell that our food was just sitting in the kitchen the whole time?"  To top that off, Mr M's food was cold and my food was gross. 

Nasty Food at Maggiano's Little Italy

I asked to speak with a manager.  I told him what's been going on and he offered to make us a fresh plate of food.  Mr. M and I both shook our heads no to his offer and then the manager kept trying to offer us deserts, more wine, coffee, on the house.  We politely said no and that we're going to just leave.  We said that we would pay for the appetizer and wine we had but the manager said we didn't have to, so we just walked out.  Now this marks the 3rd time we weren't served our meal at a restaurant.  First time at a Casino in Reno, Nevada, Second time Cracker Barrel in Birmingham, Alabama, and now Maggino's.

It was past 11:30pm and we tried to at least see if there was any movies playing late and the next showing was at 12:30am.  That was just too late for us so we decided to just go home.

I was so looking forward to having a nice romantic night with Mr. M, but it was ruined.  Since my daughters are still at their Grandma's today, I'll treat myself to some retail therapy.

Thanks you guys for reading my vent.  How did your Valentine's Day go?


  1. I think you should have made the best of ur time alone instead of wasting it frustrated........that whole turn lemons into lemonade. We had a similar situation but loved every minute of our time to just be into each other. Our food was terrible & it took forever to get it but we had a great time connecting & laughing with each other.

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      I forgot to mention that Marcus and I laughed about it on our way home but the painful memories of not being served before struck a nerve with me.

      I'm over it, stuff happens. We may redo our date tonight, so all is good!

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    So sorry that your expectations were not met and you had to leave the restaurant without eating. I'm glad though that you did get a chance to get outside. Been a crazy winter all around. I live in northern Canada and it's been dreadful cold-2 months of minus 40 weather.
    My valinetines was the same as last year...I was straight out forgotten. He had the nerve to tell me that he sent me an email card :/ but no email. Though my beautiful daughter did not forget! She gave me such a lovely card and a picture she made herself. Brightened my day! Have a wonderful weekend dear Lady :))

    1. Oh no that's awful! How dare that guy stood you up! That goes to show he is no good for you anyway. I know you'll find someone better.

      I always wanted to visit Canada but I just can't handle the cold. I'm a California girl, so I like the warm sun, just not too hot.

      My daughters are my lil Valentine's too. They weren't able to make me anything this year due to being out of school because schools were closed due to the ice storm. It broke their hearts not giving me anything but their love is all that matters.

      You have a great weekend as well!

  3. Awwww, Louida! I'm so sorry about that.:-( Few things are more annoying (or frustrating) than being treated horribly at a restaurant. (But your eyebrows looked awesome!) Seriously, though, the important thing is that you were LOVED on Valentine's Day. (And even for those who don't have a mate, I always say to them, "Well, at least you have your health and you love yourself!" I have to say, my Valentine's Day was The Bomb! Scott and I took our kiddies with us to dinner on Thursday night...and then on V-Day, he brought home my favorite bottle of champs, a huge orchid plant, and hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries for me while he sent me to the spa to get a pedi, which I so DESPERATELY needed. lol

    1. Yeah you're so right Courtney. I needed to really look on the bright side.

      Thanks about my eyebrows, I get that a lot! :-)

      I'm glad to hear you had a exciting Valentine's Day and finally got a chance to pamper yourself, you deserve it girl!

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