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February 3, 2014

K-5 Math Apps for Kids- Splash Math Review

K-5 Math Apps for Kids- Splash Math ReviewLast week, my daughters has been playing Splash Math online that they were able to review for free and for me to give my honest opinions.

My oldest daughter Lauren (8) is in the second grade and her problem area in school is math so Splash Math is the prefect program to help succeed with her math skills.

Splash Math set up a curriculum that Lauren needs to know in second grade, here are the program details:

Lauren needs to master 58 skills in Grade 2

    K-5 Math Apps for Kids- Splash Math Review
  • Subtraction- Subtract within 100, Subtract within 1000
  • Place Value
  • Number Sense
  • Time
  • Addition- Add within 100, Add within 1000
  • Money
  •  Measurements
  • Data
  • Geometry

Lauren has a goal to achieve a Splash Score of 100.

    K-5 Math Apps for Kids- Splash Math Review
  • Splash Score is a smart score that combines critical performance measures like number of skills practiced and accuracy to indicate overall performance.  Analysis shows that practicing 3.5 times every week produces best results

I receive a progress report of Lauren's that tells me
  • Splash Score
  • Time Spent
  • Skills Performance

K-5 Math Apps for Kids- Splash Math Review
Here is my review:

Lauren and Michelle really enjoyed playing SplashMath online.  It's a much better way to get kids to learn math since it's more interactive.  With both my girls, I started noticing an improvement with their math performances and taking less time to answer the questions after using SplashMath.  Since I don't have a iPod or iPad, I can't review how well the app worked but if it's as good as the online version, then it should be just as good.  Plus your child will be able to play SplashMath on the go.

SplashMath works prefectly for homeschoolers, teachers, and grade school students.

SplashMath works for students K-5 on iPad, iPod, and online.

For a Single-Grade Pack (Select a Grade)- $9.99

Multi-Grade Pack (Full Access of All Grades)- $29.99

SplashMath has a free access of one grade level you choose and 20 math questions per day.

Get SplashMath on iTunes.


  1. Hi, Louida! Lauren and I have something in common: Math is my trouble spot, too. It's good to know apps like this exist -- especially in case Scotty and Kennedy take after their Mommy. (Although, Imay need this before they do. I can balance my checkbook, but that's about the extent of my mathematical prowess. :-/

    1. Looks like we are all in the same group when it comes to math Courtney because it's my trouble spot as well.