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| Tuesday

Hair Stylist's Thoughts on DIY Hair Vloggers on YouTube

Hair Stylist's Thoughts on DIY Hair Vloggers on YouTubeI enjoy being able to do my own hair at home without needing to get it done by a hair stylist since I'm natural.  Thanks to YouTube Hair Vloggers they made it much more easier for me to learn how to style and take care of my hair during my natural hair journey.  Also it saved me a lot of money.

Last week, I got into a discussion with my boyfriend in regards to DIY Hair Vloggers on YouTube and was wondering if it's hurting license hair stylists business since he is a distributor for them out here in Atlanta.  He told me these YouTube hair guru's are really hurting the stylists business and most of the time the information they give on YouTube can really damage someone's hair.

These stylist are right.  They go to school to study and master at what they do and learn the proper way to take care of another person's hair and Vloggers are taking away from their business.  Even though I look for some advice on how to style my natural hair on YouTube, I would never take the advice from someone un-license when it comes to putting any type of chemicals in my hair.  To me, I believe Vloggers should put some type of disclaimer stating they are un-license.

My boyfriend also advised me that many stylist have to fix problems created by their clients because they'd followed Vloggers advice.  He also told me that stylist are really hating this natural hair movement going on and hoping that it'll faze away.

I could understand stylist frustration when it comes to fixing their clients hair problem because of them following the advice of Vloggers, but when it comes to women wearing their natural hair instead of relaxing it, they need to just get over it.  Like the saying goes, "if you can't beat them, join them", start offering more hair services for natural hair women.

But my advice for people following hair Vloggers, please remember they're not professionals and I highly advise you not to put chemicals in your hair yourself. 

Remember this, trying to save money and do it yourself can often lead to damage that only a hair stylist can fix which could cost more to you and you could've just went to a stylist in the first place and pay less than before your hair was damage.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Totally agree with this post. I love hair vloggers for styling posts, like braids & updos, but I don't think some teenager should be giving advice about chemicals. Also, I think natural hair is beautiful. Personally, I like it better than straightened hair. It looks so soft, yet sexy and powerful. Salons and stylists should be smart enough to cater to the style trends rather than hope they'll go away, even though I hope natural hair is a trend that will never go away.

    1. I'm glad you agree! Teens, as well as unlicensed adults should never be giving chemical advice. I believe YouTube should have their videos deleted.

      As for natural hair, my hair hasn't been so healthy like it is now in years! I really wish I've never had a relaxer in my life.

      Since I can't find a good hairstylist in Atlanta that does natural hair, I just stick to doing it myself.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinions!

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