Happy New Year From ProductReviewMom.com! My Trip to Orlando Florida

Road Trip to Orlando Florida

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a fun and safe new year!  My family and I just got back from
Orlando last night and now we're trying to fully recover from our mini vacation.

While in Orlando, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency at the airport which was a very nice hotel.  I got a great last min deal to stay there through Priceline using their Express Deal, which beforehand I didn't know what hotel I was going to stay in until I made a payment.  You do however know how many stars the hotel will be and some of the amenities. Since this hotel is literally inside the airport, it works great for people who needs to catch flights.  My one complaint about this hotel is that you must pay for parking daily.  For Hyatt guest you pay $12 a day.

 The Hyatt had a roof top swimming pool overlooking the airport runways.

I visited Orlando Premium Outlets the first couple of days while I was out there and they have great stores with awesome sales going on.  People were walking around with their suitcases filled with items they purchased.  I bought a cute brown leather purse from Kate Spade store that regular price was $400 and I only paid $125 for it!  That's over 60% off!  If you ever go to the outlet stores, don't go to the restaurant Vinito Ristorante.  Food is overprice and not good.  My pasta meal tasted like Stouffers that I could easily pop in the oven and make at home.  Also my boyfriend's steak was raw in the middle when he asked for it to be medium well.

If you're ever in Orlando, make sure to visit Kiki's Café.  They have very delightful breakfast items with good prices.  It's my favorite Café that I always make sure to go there whenever I'm visiting Orlando.

This is the Banana Cream and Caramel French Toast

For New Years Eve, we decided to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure since my daughters never been there and we had a fabulous time!  To my surprise, lines were not that long so we were able to get on a lot of rides.  My daughters favorite ride was Jurassic Park River boat ride, which we all got drench from the water fall drop.  Even with my poncho on  I was still soaking wet!  We also enjoyed the Simpson's ride.  I was a bit bummed that Back to the Future ride is no longer at Universal Studios but I'm glad to see E.T. attraction is still there.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The overall trip was fun!  Weather was very pleasant but bit on the chilly side.  The weather was only bad on our way back home.

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  1. Happy New Year Lou! Looks like you and your family had an awesome time! I would love to visit Orlando during the holidays. I'm sure it's lovely and all the lights would have me standing and starring all night. (I love lights).

    Wishing you a very blessed and prosperous New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Cynthia! Yes we had a ball in Orlando, too bad we didn't have a longer trip. I like going during the holidays because the weather is not too hot which makes being outside more enjoyable.

      You definitely need to visit during the holidays.

      You have a great New Year as well Cynthia!

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