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January 27, 2014

Fun Computer Learning Games For Children- Dolphy Personalized Educational Games Review

Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games
Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer GamesThis weekend, my children and I had a ball playing Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games. 

Dolphy company gave us their package computer games for free in return for our honest review.

Let me just say that it was very hard to get my daughters off the computer because they were having so much fun playing all the educational learning games that kept them active and entertained.

Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer GamesThese learning games are personalized, meaning that they say your child's name which made it much more exciting and interactive.  The games would speak my daughter Michelle's name and her face would just lit up with joy and laughter!  Also the games would tell Michelle how well she was doing and welcome her to new games she would start playing.  When she gets something wrong, the games would encourage her to try again.

The computer games comes with 9 interactive high quality games that are personalized to your child's name. Each game has a choice to play Easy, Medium, or Hard levels.  Games are in 3 categories and it includes:

  1. Educational Games – Enhance Reading, Writing and Math skills – starting from simple levels and continuing through advanced levels.
  2. Classical Thinking Games - Such as: Memory Game, Checkers and Tic Tac Toe.
  3. Fun Games intended for developing your child's Logical Thinking and Vocabulary. 

Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games
Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games
Michelle's favorite game she liked to play was checkers.  She was pretty good at it being it was her first time playing checkers.  A lot of the games are stuff Michelle is currently learning in school now which will help her expand her learning.

Here are the skills that children will learn playing Dolphy:

  • Introduction to Letters
  • Reading & Writing Skills  
  • Vocabulary
  • Number Recognition
  • Math Exercises
  • Memory Development
  • Logical Thinking Enhancement
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy
  • Mastering Classical Thinking Games
  • "Using The Computer" skills
Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games

Dolphy Personalized Educational Computer Games Worth a Try?

When it comes to games in my household, I only allow them to be educational and I believe that's why both of my daughters are on Honor Roll now at their school.  I'm happy to add Dolphy to their collection of educational games!  If you're looking for games that are educational and help your child's educational development, Dolphy would be prefect!  Great for children ages 4-10.

Update:  I'm sad to report that Dolphy is no longer in service.


  1. Hi, Louida! I hope you had a good weekend! OMG, I'm doing a Dolphy review in the coming weeks, too! Scotty loves the memory game...he played it for the first time this weekend...

    1. Yeah my youngest daughter really enjoyed the memory game as well!