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| Monday

Beauty Haul on Amazon

Beauty Haul on AmazonDuring the holiday season, I collected Amazon gift cards from my boyfriend and from Media Insiders which totaled to $60 worth of gift cards.  I knew I was going to redeem them for beauty products since I'm such a beauty product junkie!

I'm really getting into the whole contouring my face to give my face a appearance of being slimmer.  Contouring palettes seems to be harder to find for African American skin tones so I was determine to find a good one on Amazon because my current contouring powder from NYX cosmetics is just not dark enough for me, I want to bring out my cheeks a lot more and make my nose much slimmer.  So that's what I made sure to get on Amazon first.  What I found was Sleek Makeup Face Contour (Medium) and I notice with the reviews it worked well for dark skin tones.

Next, I wanted to find a eye shadow palette that is low price but gives a nice natural tone to my eyes with a bit of shimmer.  I found e.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Palette, California with 10 different neutral shimmering colors that would look good for any occasions.  The reviews on it was good as well so I add it to the cart.

Since I still had a bit more money left on my gift card, I wanted to find a dark blush that'll blend well with my contouring powder.  During my search, I found Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color- Dark Cherry.  I like the darkness of the blush so I added that to the cart as well.

At home I'm running out of my favorite leave in conditioner Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, so I got the 3 pack ($18.00) to stock up since it's always sold out at Target.

Sleek Makeup Face Contour (Medium)e.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Palette
I wasn't able to add a picture of the blush since my older daughter managed to drop the blush and it started crumbling apart.

 Here are my reviews on the makeup products I purchased:

ProductReviewMom.com Neutral Makeup Look
Lipstick- MAC Spice is Nice
1. Sleek Makeup Face Contour (Medium) $12.99- I really like this palette and it also came with a highlight.  I thought the contour powder was dark enough for my liking and brought out my cheek bones and also gave my nose a slimming effect.  I think this palette works well for African Americans with a caramel type skin tone.

2. e.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Palette $10.00-  I like this palette and I like the fact I can use water to get a more bolder look.  The shadows works best when you use an eye primer first.  I can't wait to expirement with all the colors.

3. Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color- Dark Cherry $10.99- I like how dark this blush is on my cheeks and it blended well with my contour powder.  You can put it on lightly for a lighter effect if you don't want dark cheeks and also use it without having contouring powder on.

 My order total with all the products I got was $62.68, and I only paid $2.68 for it!!!!  Thanks goodness for gift cards!

I wasn't able to add a picture of the blush since my order daughter managed to drop the blush and started crumbling apart.

So what do you think of my makeup look?