My Everyday Makeup Look I Use to Hide Dark Spots

My Everyday Makeup Look I Use to Hide Dark SpotsAlmost everyday I get stopped by someone telling me how flawless my skin is.  What they do not know is
that my skin suffers from a lot of dark spots from acne.

For years I've been wearing makeup to camouflage my bad skin.  Some makeup made my skin look oily and cakey and some made me look ashy.  But finally I've found a makeup that gives me full coverage, blends well, doesn't look like I caked my foundation on, and doesn't easily wipe off on my clothes.

What I use to wear for years was cream to powder makeup by Fashion Fair but their products are so oily and I looked like a greasy red mess by the end of the day.  I didn't even hug people because my makeup would transfer onto their clothes.

About two months ago, I went on a hunt at Macy's to find a better makeup for my skin.  Lancome broke my skin out bad, Fashion Fair is too thick, oily, and made me look red due to their undertones, makeup in regular stores never have my color and coverage is not good, so I decided to visit the MAC counter.  Now I have used MAC before using their Studio Fix foundation and it made me look ashy with no coverage.  I wanted to give MAC another try and see if they have new foundations that'll work better for me.  A makeup artist introduce me to MAC's MatchMaster Foundation with SPF 15.  It gives skin full coverage with a matte finish, works prefect for oily skin.  No need to add more powder to your face throughout the day, just a little blot and you're good to go.  Since my spots are pretty dark, I needed to get a concealer too.

I'm very happy with MAC's MatchMaster Foundation!  This is the best foundation I've ever used!  I can't believe all the compliments I receive!  A few people told me I should be a model...hehe.  If only they knew what my skin really looks like and I bet they wouldn't be saying that!

Here is all that I use on my face for a everyday look from start to finish:

My Everyday Makeup Look I Use to Hide Dark SpotsPrimer- LORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer

Concealer- MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW40

Foundation- MAC MatchMaster SPF Foundation 7.0

Setting Powder- MAC Loose Powder NC45

Eyebrow Pencil- MAC Spiked

Contouring Powder- NYX HCP01 Powder

Highlighting Powder- NARS Albatross or Benefit Watt's Up

Blush- Covergirl Cheekers Plum Plush 117

Mascara- Lancome Hypnose Star (I do change up what mascara I use, like ones you find in regular stores)

I sometimes wear eye shadows, eyeliner and lip gloss or lipsticks, but at times I just go without them unless I want to give my look a boost.

If you suffer the same problem like me with dark spots, oily skin, and acne, I recommend you use Mac's MatchMaster foundation- you'll be very pleased and well worth the money! 

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  1. Wow - you are beautiful - with or without makeup!!!