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My Beauty Haul at Target and Kroger

My Beauty Haul at Target and KrogerOn Friday, I needed to get ready for a cocktail Christmas party that my boss was throwing on Saturday and
I needed to make a stop at Target to get a few things I needed to get prepared for the party without breaking the bank.

A while back, I bought a set of makeup brushes from Walmart- I don't like spending a lot on my makeup brushes from department stores- and they started to become nasty even after getting clean so they needed to be replaced.  When I walked into Target the first thing I saw was E.L.F. Holiday gift boxes of standard makeup brushes for $10.  You know I had to buy that!  That's practically a steal!  I couldn't wait to try out those brushes Saturday night!

While still in Target, I visited their accessories section because I needed a nice looking clutch to go with my black dress.  Target has some really cute inexpensive clutches and I found the prefect black and silver clutch for $14.99.  This clutch fit cards and also my cell phone, my only complaint is that it didn't fit my lipstick if I needed to reapply during the party but that was no biggy because I placed my lipstick in my coat pocket.

Since my color theme for my attire seemed to be black and silver, I wanted to get silver earrings to go with it.  I found silver button earrings for $7 that were very simple but cute.

I purchase these items on my lunch break and ran out of time so I decided to go to Kroger after my dinner date with coworkers that evening- we went to the Cheesecake Factory.

I needed to still pick up some clear lip gloss and also some mascara.  While browsing the selection of different kinds of mascaras, I found Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eye mascara that really caught my interest.  I've used Maybelline's Falsies before which I really like how it give my lashes fullness and boldness but I wanted to try something a bit new and plus I wanted to give my eyes the cat eye look anyway.

It was a hard time time trying to find clear lip gloss- I always have trouble finding clear gloss for some reason- and I found the last clear one from Covergirl Wetslicks.  I didn't care what brand it was from as long as it was clear.

My Beauty Haul Review

E.L.F. Holiday Makeup Brushes Gift Box- I like the way these brushes help create a beautiful night out look I was trying to achieve.  It had all the brushes I need.  My only complaint was that the all over face brush had several loose bristles that I had to pull out because it was coming out all over my face when I was trying to blend in my face powder.

Black and Silver Clutch- Like I said, it's a good low price clutch that went well with my dress but I wish it could've held my lip stick too.

Target Brand Silver Button Earrings- My earrings stayed on all night and went very well with my dress.  Like some cheap earrings it starts to rust and turn green, I don't believe these earrings will do that.

Maybelline's Colossal Cat Eye Mascara-  I'm on the fence with this mascara.  It kinda gave me the cat eye look but I wanted more fullness and length with my lashes.  I should've just bought Maybelline's Falsies mascara because it creates a great bold look without needing to apply false eye lashes.

Covergirl's Wetslicks-  It's nothing to really rave about, it did its job to create shine on top of my red lip stick but I did notice it made my lipstick start coming off much more easily when I ate and drank at the party.

My Outfit of the Day #OOTD

Dress- NY & Company (Got it in September 2013)

Necklace- NY & Company (Old)

LipStick- Mac Ruby Woo

Eye Shadow- Lancome Palette (Gifted)
Product Review Mom Holiday Look
Product Review Mom Holiday Look

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