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| Dec 9, 2013

Looking for Some Kid's Fun? Join Simon's Kidgits Club

Join Simon's Kidgits ClubFor the past few years, my daughters have been in a kids club (Kidgits) at our local Simon's Mall and they really enjoy it.  For just $5 each year, my daughters does different kids activities at the mall like arts and crafts,  making deserts, get goody bags, and more.  For the parents, you get coupons to save money at participating stores and sometimes vendors are there so you can find out about different companies that offers kid related stuff.

My daughters always look forward to Kidgit events, especially Breakfast with Santa.  My daughters gets free breakfast and enjoy a couple of Christmas stories read by Santa Claus and on Easter they have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  During the Summer months, Kidgits Club has carnvial style fun for the kids outside.

If you're looking for activities for your child to do but don't want to pay much, you should check out the Kidgits Club- $5 for a whole year is a great deal!

Mall of Georgia Santa

Kids Club Potato Sack Race

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