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September 22, 2012

Glade Expressions Review

Glade Expressions
Glade Expressions
Last weekend I started a campaign with BzzAgent.com to test the new Glade Expressions air fresheners.  BzzAgent sent me a coupon book to get a free starter kit of the fragrance mist, the oil diffuser starter kit, and coupons when I need a refill of both products.

Testing these products came at a good time because I had family coming in town to visit me for my birthday and I needed something to have to freshen up my apartment (no my apartment doesn't stink).

I went to my local Kroger and used my coupons to get the fragrance pineapple & mangosteen. Once I got home, I put together the oil diffuser which needed no batteries and I sprayed a bit of the Glade fragrance mist in my living room.

Glade Expressions Coupons
Glade Expressions Coupons
I love the smell of the product and it's not over powering like other air fresheners. The smell is very welcoming.  I also love how the oil diffuser looks great and goes with the decor of my home.  According to the package, the oil diffuser last for a month.

Glade Oil Diffuser
Glade Oil Diffuser
All this week, I still notice the smell and I haven't even needed to use the fragrance mist.  Every time I walk into my apartment, I feel like I'm on a tropical island and it makes me feel so relax!  I'm glad I got to test this product because now I've found my new air freshener; no longer will I use plug-in air fresheners because all that does is use up electricity and don't even last that long which can start becoming expensive

Is Glade Expressions Worth a Try?

Yes it is!  I love it, I love the smell, and it doesn't cost too much.  It is worth a try if you like air fresheners that doesn't have an over powering smell.

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