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Starbucks Pink Lime Frozt Review

Pink Lime Frozt
I love cold  frappuccino drinks at Starbucks, so when I found out they have a couple of new drinks out for the summer, I had to try it!

Starbucks now have a new lime tasting frappuccino drinks called Pink Lime Frozt and Coconut Lime Frozt in Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes. 

The Pink Lime Frozt has a fruity lime tart smooth taste to it.  I haven't tried the Coconut Frozt drink since I do not like coconut.

The drink doesn't have the texture like a smoothie or a frappuccino, but it's like drinking a juice with frost in it. I like the taste of the drink and it reminds me of drinking the candy called SweetTarts.

I think this drink fits well with people who likes sweet drinks or for kids since you know kids love eating and drinking sweet things and may be attracted by the pink color.

Is Pink Lime Frozt Worth a Try?

If you like tart tangy candies, you may like this drink. But many people who goes to Starbucks like coffee, mocha, chocolate, caramel, vanilla flavor type drinks, so I don't believe the Lime Frozt drinks is a good fit for Starbucks and may not last long.

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