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MAC Prep + Prime Skin Review

MAC Prep + Prime Skin
I have very bad skin so I've been wearing makeup for years to cover up my imperfections. With the daily use of foundations and powders without using a primer, my skin became acne prone! Also by the end of the day, my skin was so oily, makeup was rubbing off, and you could see lines in my makeup. I was always looking like a hot mess!

After doing some searching on the Internet, I've learned about using a primer before applying your foundation.  Primer works as a base and helps makeup you apply to your face blend in evenly.

I like to buy some of my makeup from MAC and I've read the reviews about their MAC Prep + Prime Skin reviews and it was mostly good, so I went out and bought it at Macy's.

The following morning after I'd bought the primer, I'd applied one pump of the primer all over my face.  I noticed the primer had a velvety feel and also have a bit of a glittery affect.

Once the primer was applied to my face, I applied my foundation and it glide right on!  My face looked so smoothed and my dark spots were covered after just one time application to my face!  My powder gladed on as well! 

After the end of the day, my face didn't look all oily and I didn't have to reapply my makeup during the day!  I wish I would've known about this product sooner!

Is MAC Prep + Prime Skin Worth a Try?

Yes MAC Prep + Prime is defiantly worth a try and is now my go to primer before I apply my makeup.  Using makeup without a primer is a big No No and you can start having bad breakouts like me. 

Also the good thing about using this primer is that my skin started clearing up within a week of using it!  The MAC Primer is pricey but well worth it!


Have you ever used MAC Prep + Prime Skin?  If so, how did you like it?

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