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| May 22, 2012

Lalaloopsy Review

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff
Last Christmas, my youngest daughter who at the time was 4, had me on a wild goose chase trying to find the hottest toy out called Lalaloopsy.

She wanted the one with the silly hair that you can design with bows, hair clips, and braid her hair, but the doll was sold out everywhere! 

I seen people selling the dolls for $100 a pop on EBay and Amazon which is highway robbery if you ask me!

I settled for a Lalaloopsy Doll without the silly hair and was hoping my daughter would enjoy that doll just as much as the Lalaloopsy Doll with hair.

When she opened her Christmas gift and saw the doll, her eyes lit up with joy!  She loved it! (Success!)

Each Lalaloopsy Doll has a name, tells when the doll was sewn (I guess when they're created), a little pet, and a poster of your doll.
Their heads are a bit heavy but they're very cute dolls that reminds me of rag dolls with a modern twist!  And they're very fashionable and you can buy the dolls more outfits to wear. 

Each doll has different personalities and you can tell by the clothes they wear. 

Some Lalaloopsy's are cheerleaders, nurses, fairies, pirates, just to name a few. 

There is even a few boy Lalaloopsy dolls, but I noticed not many people bought them since girls like to play with girl dolls.

Since my youngest daughter loved her doll so much, I went out and bought the Lalaloopsy miniture doll with the remote control car, the Lalaloopsy movie, and a ferris wheel that comes with one miniature doll.

My youngest daugther loves her dolls and plays with them almost every day!  I have also bought one for my oldest daughter who is 6 and she loves her doll as well.

I've Finally Found the Lalaloopsy with Silly Hair!

After months of searching for the Lalaloopsy with silly hair,  I finally found one today at Target!   I'll be giving that doll to my oldest daughter for having good grades and passing kindergarten.  Now both of my daughters are Lalaloopsy collectors!

Is Lalaloopsy Worth Buying?

They're very cute dolls that may daughters continues to keep playing with unlike other toys they grow tired of really quick and the toys just sits and collects dust in there room somewhere.

The dolls are great for collector's item if you or your child likes collecting dolls.  You won't go wrong buying these adorable dolls!

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